Hey lovelies!!  Thank you for sticking around while I was missing in action. I had to take a short break to get adjusted to my new work position.

Welcome back and kisses to my subscribers who have been with me from the start and a warm welcome to all my new subscribers.

I want to share how, why and where I get active and stay motivated regardless of what I have going on in my life. I figured this is a great post to share. Especially, if it may enhance my reader’s lifestyle.


Being active creates a feeling that motivates me. When I plan the night before to go to the gym early in the morning or after a busy day of work. I look forward to the series of movements that my body will endure. Even thou I am a bit on the reserve side. The way my body moves and forms different shapes makes me feel free-spirited. Hence, moving my body brings out the creative part of me and I enjoy it.


When I started my fitness journey, the hardest moves were always at the frontal of my brain. My thoughts went something like ”the harder my work-out routines the faster I will lose fat and become toned.” But little did I know, less is more. Cliche right? but it really is. 

Now that I often seek less time and simple movements during my fitness routine, I workout more often. Plus, I am happier! 

Look, let me be honest, moving your body can be hard and sometimes daunting. To keep going, think of something that you really want in the future. One of the important parts of life for me is the way I age. I want to be able to run my fastest at 35 and hopefully by 45 years old to be more flexible. Remember, moving your body in simple ways more frequently will help you in the future to age gracefully. 

I get active for so many reasons. I think they are all equally important. For example, moving my body on a regular basis will help to keep my body fat at a standard that suits my lifestyle. Energy is also a key reason I move my body, it takes energy to get active but I also become energetic over time from being physically active. A toned body, it’s one thing to lose fat but it’s harder to get toned. Yup, I am still working on getting toned. Flexibility decreases with age but once I keep moving over time my body will become more flexible.

Movement does not have to be hard. Go at your pace and while you sweat add a smile.  Another thing that I learned is to switch it up, do new moves, dance, jump, run, get on the ground. Plus stop the regular crunches and opt for different abs movement. Go outside and move, do not be afraid of people staring at you, do what makes you happy.


I was born in the Caribbean (Jamaica) and I love the heat! I dislike winter but I cannot say I hate it because it has its benefits too. But that’s a different topic for another post.

These photos are from last week Saturday. It took me a while to find the perfect spot because I was not the only one wanting to enjoy the beautiful weather but once I found the spot, I was hyped and ready to try out new moves.

My workout wasn’t sweaty but I was active and that’s all that matters. Do not get me wrong it’s nice to work up a sweat and breathe so hard that you feel like death is near lol. Okay don’t do that leave that for me. My point is on the days you choose to move your body or get active it’s okay if it’s light, fun and simply movements. I believe these types of activity have people wanting more or anticipating the next workout session. 

While I was posing for the photos, I ran, jumped, danced, smile and so much more. You do not have to take photos to do this, it’s probably more fun without a camera. I challenge you, to change-up your workout routine and have some fun.

The warm weather gets me inspired. I am always excited to go outside and run or walk. With the warm weather that was here in NYC last Saturday I took full advantage of it. Oh, I also had music, everybody loves music, find your jam and get moving loves.


There are a few things that motivate me to get active. As I already wrote in a few paragraphs above, its warm weather and a new fitness routine. However, the ways we get motivated is subjective to change at anytime and sometimes that’s good and bad. So be ready to find new motivation when its time.

These photos do not show my normal fitness routine. However, I change my routine to help inspire me and find other moves that I have up my sleeves. 

I also added a few moves that I love to do. Push-ups and one of my favorite oblique moves. These moves motivates me because of what I accomplish from doing them. Tighter obliques, stronger arms and an overall toned body, which I prefer.

I want to point out that motivation does not always happen. Sometimes I am left unmotivated for a few days and sometimes a few weeks. But I realized that making little changes to my fitness routine helps me to get back on track.

A tip that I want to leave with you is find what motivates you because it’s not going to appear out of thin air. When one routine fails or you get tired of it, it’s okay to move on to a new fitness routine. Change is good, embrace it.

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