Happy summer beauties!

Wearing comfortable workout gear is a must and summer time is the season to get on top of your fitness style. What’s more important than comfortable workout gear?! It must look fabulous!

When I workout my outfit has to be the perfect color, style, size comfort and trendy. 

Whenever I buy a new pair of workout gear it makes me feel motivated and ready to pump some iron, in other words hit the gym. It’s perfectly fine to look your best when its time to exercise. Especially, if you take 1038462938 selfies like I do lol.

Seriously, new workout clothes will bring you joy and it’s always nice to have plenty of options so you can change it up. When I do not have time to go shopping for workout gear I start to mix and match my old outfits which has always been a winner.


Top: Reebok

Shorts: Reebok


Sneakers: Adidas


Photo Credit: Nelson Ramon Gomez

What are your fitness styles? Does new workout gear motivates you to workout? Let me know in the comments below!

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