My first impressions of the Maui Moisture Shampoo and Hair Mask for dry damaged hair.

Hey loves! It’s my first impressions post, which is not a typical thing here. I usually use products at least 30 days and if I am obsessed, then I will review it here on my blog. It’s only fair if I am going to tell you about a product, I should use it for at least a few weeks.  On the other hand, if I do not like a product I will not waste my time writing about it on my blog. 

Now with that being said, the Maui conditioner was my least favorite. But I do not want to throw it completely under the bus because I am sure it has worked for other folks. As I mentioned in the beginning I used the conditioner once before this review, so there is a possibility that I may have a new experience after a couple of times using the conditioner. While this is a first impressions review of Maui Moisture, the results are based on a first impression.

However, if I had to give a short review on the Maui Moisture conditioner, I’ll say it is a great co-wash conditioner. Because it striped my hair of some build up and leaved my hair manageable for styling.

Now to my favorite, the shampoo is a keeper! I have to say I am not a shampoo kinda girl. Meaning it’s  never the first hair product I pick up and say Yesssss I want this! But this shampoo has changed my mind….here is why. After using it my hair has the perfect balance of clean and soft. Interestingly, that is a rare story of my hair life. Either shampoos leave my hair dry, soft, striped or moisturized but never a perfect balance. Especially, on the first try. I am in love with this shampoo and I look forward to repurchasing it.

With Maui Moisture shampoo I am able to de-tangle my hair with my fingers. The shampoo is extremely thick and creamy. Which is exactly what I need to cure my dry and brittle hair. The smell is a bit strong but I do like a strong smell once it smells great, which it does. The smell lingered in my hair for a few days. Now who does not like their hair smelling like the Goddess of spring and sweet roses.

Maui hair mask left my hair with no frizz. This is probably one of the thickest hair mask I have used. The hair mask did what it say it would, smooth/heal/quench dry damaged hair. Plus strengthen and stop hair breakage. I appreciate when products reacts to my hair the way the description on the bottle say it will.

My hair breakage decreased after using the hair mask twice a week. I want to save as much hair on my head as possible. Overall the Maui hair mask was a hit and I will re-purchase it again.

By the way Maui Moisture hair products are:

  • Eco-Friendly (Environment friendly)
  • Made with 100% Aloe Juice as the first ingredient
  • No silicone
  • No parabens
  • No sulfates
  • Vegan
  • Pure coconut water
  • Maui Moisture is affordable
  • You can find it in Walgreen/drug stores.
  • Maui Moisture is for all hair types

Have you used Maui Moisture products? If you haven’t you should try them out!

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Catch you later!

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