Hey beauties!  I thought it would be great to share all my skin care hacks with you. Lately, I’ve been putting up photos on social media, that are up close and center. Yup, like the photo above, just the way I like it lol.

The comments I get privately and in the comment section on my social media pages are “your skin is flawless”, “your skin looks  great and “what do you use on your skin?”. “Especially, in person I get comments from strangers, friends and co-workers about what I use on my skin. I also had a doctor tell me my skin is amazing while doing my breast biopsy, lol. I did think that was strange and kind of funny. By no means do I think my skin is perfect or flawless, but I do have a few tips that may come in handy for you beauties.



  1. I wash my face before bed and I do not apply any products
  2.  I wear sun screen everyday
  3. I keep my hands away from my face 
  4.  Sometimes I wash my face twice in one wash cycle
  5. I use products on my face that are not all natural like, Aveeno & ST. Ives scrubs. BUT my skin care products mainly consist of organic and natural ingredients.


  1. Wash your face before bed and do not apply any products? Do not apply any creams, lotions and serum on your face before bed. Do not put ANYTHING on your face before sleeping. I’ve done this for years, maybe since middle school. I truly believe that it’s important to make my skin breathe while I sleep. During the day I wear sun screen, moisturizer and makeup. The skin regenerates while we sleep and that is the perfect time to let it breathe.
  2.  Wear sun screen? I wear sun screen all year around. Even thou I started wearing sunscreen about 4 years ago, I saw a big difference in my skin. During the winter, I wear 15-30 SPF of sun screen and in the summer I wear about 50 SPF.
  3.  I keep my hands away from my face? What I mean by I leave my face alone is, I do not touch it. Most of the time my hands are dirty, oily and probably just touched someone else’s hands or opened a public door. All of those germs and dirt will transfer to my face. I do not want that because it will eventually clog my pores and cause acne.
  4.  Sometimes I wash my face twice? I wash my face twice in the same wash cycle. I feel that after the first time I wash my face, I still have clog pores and residue build-up. So, I wash my face again. After that my face literally glows! In my opinion, I feel as if the first time I wash my face I am washing away my makeup, oils and unclog my pores. The second time, I am actually cleaning my face but on a deeper level, extra clean.
  5.  Unnatural and natural skin care products? Natural or organic skin care products in my opinion are the best! With that being said, I am not against using products that are not natural. I used St. Iv’s face wash for the past 10 years and Aveeno. I do what works for my skin.



I use hot water to wash my face at least once a month. I know this sounds crazy but I only get it to the temperature that I can tolerate. The hot water opens my pores and get rid of all the makeup and skin care products that is sitting on top of my skin. I also like to do this hack before a face mask. Then I rinse with cold water to close my pores. My face gets a bit flushed but it goes back to normal in a few minutes. Then it glows!

  •  I say this all the time but go to the sauna or the steam room. It always does wonders for my skin.
  • Do plenty of cardio and sweat out toxins from your skin, plus you will get in shape.
  • Drink green juice/smoothie at least twice a week
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Use a organic face mask at least 3 times a month

I hope my skin care hacks and tips helps you to get healthy glowing skin. Until next time, stay beautiful!

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    December 11, 2017 at 9:50 am

    You have absolutely flawless skin! Great tips! We can wear makeup all day but if the skin under it is unhealthy what is the point…Great post!

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