Hi and welcome back to my blog! Here are a few of my wellness essentials that I love to use in my daily routine. 


Deodorant and I have a complicated relationship but I need it everyday and all day in my life! It took me over 1 year to find the perfect deodorant without the chemicals and rubbish that’s packed in most of these brands. 

For those lucky people out there that do not have to wear deodorant and still smell awesome you are truly blessed. Because without deodorant I do not know myself lol or should I say smell like myself haha. I know some of you can relate to this because let’s be real; body odor is a part of life but what we do to keep us on point and smelling like passion fruit lol is the key or at least smelling great.

What I use is Jason a chemical free deodorant, it is extremely difficult to find a natural deodorant that works all day…the struggle is REAL but I am happy that I found Jason. It’s about two years since I have been using Jason’s deodorant and in between that time I have switched  to other brands but I haven’t used any deodorant as good as Jason. However, it leaves a white residue under the armpit but no need to worry about that because it quickly dissolves and its non sticky. Jason is the best chemical free deodorant on the market.

Jason’s  nourishing deodorant 



My Binto box is a life saver and a great pick me up! Especially, when it’s that time of month ladies, these vitamins provides energy and a mood boaster. The Binto box comes with cotton tampons, probiotic and a multi-vitamin.

I have to admit, I do not like taking pills but the benefits of taking Binto vitamins has me looking forward to taking them daily. Why BINTO ? These vitamins are just what I need to keep my female parts healthy.

Ladies this company is a subscription company that sends a little cute box filled with goodies! It’s $35 a month and its super helpful especially, when I do not have time to run to the drug store and pick up tampons because it comes right to my door step just in time.

Photo credit: Mybinto

Binto tampons  are 100% cotton which feels great and it’s a safer and healthier option to add to your feminine collection. These products that comes in the Binto box are usually sold individually which adds up to about $95 a month for prenatal, fertility and hormones vitamins but with Binto you can have it in one package and only $35 per month. Follow My BINTO on social media because they educate females on how to care for the female body parts the right way. Make sure you try their monthly subscription, I really think you will be happy with Binto. You can also personalize your orders to fit your needs, such as period & hormones, fertility & prenatal, pregnancy or menopause.




Sugarbearhair Vitamins

A few months ago I wrote a post about Sugar Bear hair vitamins and now it’s time for the long-awaited review! Giving that this was one of my most read post in 2017 I wanted to include it in this post to end the wait…the wait is over! The truth is I am a slacker when it comes to taking vitamins. If it’s not a vitamin I need for a specific need it’s just hard to take it consistently for months.

Well sugar bear vitamins taste like candy and it’s vegan so I probably took these vitamins even when I did not need to lol. It was that tasty and I do not recommend you eat these vitamins like candy because it sure is tempting! Now on to the other reasons why I love these vitamins. The results I got was not exactly what I expected…. wait what? So why is it a part of my everyday essentials? I did expect faster growth and I did not get that….. wait so why are you even telling us about this?! These vitamins did in fact get my new growth thicker!

Honestly, I prefer thicker hair over long thin hair. As I get older I crave for thick and bouncy hair.  What’s even better than thick hair….these vitamins stopped my hair from shedding which was a BIG problem I was having with my hair. Hence, why I started taking hair vitamins in the first place. Well I am happy that it worked out this way, less shedding and thicker hair. Sugar Bear hair gummies are so darn tasty and it’s very easy to take.


Shop the post for any of these items! Just click on anyone of the photos or links and you can start making these products a part of your everyday essentials.

 Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to visit and read my blog! You are all amazing! I am really happy for the little community we are building together! Remember if you are not a subscriber please subscribe!


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